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Bryan Fitzmartin's Choice for Best Buffalo Chicken Tender Recipe

December 23, 2020

This is the greatest buffalo chicken recipe on the internet that I have seen thus far. What makes this recipe somewhat stronger than many others is that it calls for the chicken tenders to be coated twice in buffalo wing sauce: once before frying them, and once after frying them; both times with the other necessary coatings along the way. The first step that’s given is actually somewhat standard for almost all buffalo chicken recipes, in that the chicken strips are given an egg coating (with buttermilk added, in this case) and then a flour coating, and dipped in buffalo wing sauce; each piece is set aside, and then dipped in each item all over again; after that (as this particular recipe calls for), they are fried, and thereafter after drenched in buffalo sauce even another time. The notion that the chicken is given a extra coating of each item (flour, egg, and most importantly, buffalo hot sauce) may at first seem like a good deal of extra work to accomplish, but as anyone who’s ever made buffalo chicken will tell you, this way of making it is actually far more user friendly, as it assures that since everything is done multiple times there’s less chance that anything may not come out exactly as you would like, since every item is completed very thoroughly -- so nothing can be missed the along the way. This is not always true with some other recipes, many of which are very similar but often times simply do not produce as strong as a result. That’s why especially if you’re making buffalo chicken for the first time this recipe is second to none, and perfect to try if this is exactly the flavor you’re looking for.



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