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Bryan Fitzmartin's selection for how to make Shark Tacos

December 08, 2020

When I was young I used to eat shark meat all the time. While it was always excellently prepared, it was specifically also bought at the local grocery store, which, at the time anyway, always seemed to stock shark meat as par for the course along with all the other fish selections one would expect a local grocery stores seafood section to provide – such as (for example) haddock, swordfish, salmon, flounder, and tilapia (etc.). But while that was true when I was younger, over time, I saw shark meat available at grocery stores much less often (if at all anymore), which is a shame, since shark meat has a very excellent taste very much like swordfish (but with a distinctively more “salty” flavor). That’s why I was delighted to see this recipe available from, which shows how to successfully prepare shark tacos, clearly clever a play on popular fish taco recipes. While it’s not as widely available as it used to be, if you can successfully find shark meat available in your area – consider giving this one a try. As a side note, shark meat also works very well for fish and chips, and we have a recipe for that below as well if anyone is interested in trying to prepare it that way.

Recipe for Shark Tacos:


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